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SimActive and Delair-Tech Provide UAV Solution for SNCF


SimActive and Delair-Tech Provide UAV Solution for SNCF 




SimActive, a Canadian developer of photogrammetry software, has announced the purchase of multiple Correlator3D licences by SNCF, a world leader in mobility and logistics. The software is used in conjunction with UAVs from Delair-Tech, SimActive’s partner.

The collaboration between SimActive and Delair-Tech brings a high-end solution to the drone mapping industry. The speed and accuracy of Correlator3D, combined with the autonomy of Delair-Tech UAVs, allow a turn-key reference solution for completing large-scale projects.

Delair-Tech was the first company in the world to provide a drone solution for operations beyond line of sight, said Benjamin Benharrosh, co-founder and sales & marketing director of Delair-Tech. Similarly, SimActive is the premier software for clients with advanced needs on extensive projects, he added.

Dr Philippe Simard, president of SimActive, said he is proud to be selected by SNCF to fulfil inspection needs on its vast railway network.